re:turning toward fall

Classes at Davis started today. My first class is tomorrow. In-person. I’m feeling…chock-full of feelings. But let’s go back to the beginning of this era: I was visiting home in late July, when I fractured my pelvis roller-skating, spent several days in the hospital, and subsequently had to delay my return to CA from August… Continue reading re:turning toward fall


pronoun-ced hostilities: a pride month dispatch (or, some quick notes on communication)

If, indeed, we want to create a big-tent space in which people can explore alternative possibilities to the cissexgender(ed) regime into which we’ve been indoctrinated, we need to maintain that space’s enthusiastic openness to those whose relationships with sexgender are not easy to parse.

toward a future we have been / before

If we correctly acknowledge recent and ongoing anti-trans, and particularly anti-trans youth, legislation, as well as longstanding c/overt efforts to genetically detect, isolate, and destroy this nebulous monster called “autism” in ever-younger children as well as fetuses in utero, as eugenics, we see that efforts at “curing” autism and denials of trans childrens’ bodily autonomy are not merely efforts to stymy individual behavior, but efforts to shape a future in which we never existed in the first place.

correspondence nostalgia (part 1: dear diary)

Blog readers are to Blog as the front row is to performance. Yet Blog is also personal. Blog is (or, given the form’s steep decline in popularity over the last decade, was) curated and semipersonalized intimacy, the process of CC’ing personal reflections to a hundred or a thousand of your closest friends.