Selected Publications (unlinked pieces forthcoming):

Fiction and “Fiction”:
  • Again Soon in Flypaper Lit.
  • Narrow Flights in Superstition Review.
  • Big Red in Issue 1 of opia Magazine.* [online version forthcoming]
  • Orange Season in beestung.
  • Debtor’s Door from Issue 4 of Vulture Bones.
  • The Dream Journals in Reflex Fiction. (Summer 2019 Reflex flash fiction competition longlist)
  • time_stamped in Worthless Treasures by Gimmick Press. (Pushcart Nominated)
  • Evergreen  in Dump Trump: Legacies of Resistance from Sinister Wisdom.*
  • Failure to Comply in Mad Scientist Journal.
Paper & Chapter Publications:
  • (Dis)locations: Dutch Disabled LGBTQ+ Subjects and Queer Social Space in SIT Digital Publications (Undergraduate research, 2018).
  • Disabilities and Deaf Culture chapter in Trans Bodies, Trans Selves, 2nd edition (with Alexandre Baril, forthcoming 2021)
  • The Mad Possibility of Interethnography in the Mad Scholars Anthology (forthcoming, TBD)
 Editing and Readership:
Reviews and Interviews:

*: Print only.