diagnostic self-determination (#redinstead)

Less than three weeks remain until I’m off returning to Connecticut, back to my own bed; for the first time, I have no true exams, only papers and projects, and I am beyond thrilled. For now, though, I am stuck in the midst of projects for each of my classes, but working particularly (and, someContinue reading “diagnostic self-determination (#redinstead)”

on the idea of a “good christmas”

Whether we truly believe that Christmas perfection can be achieved, we are still inculcated by a series of images that reify the idea of what Christmas should be. Again, Christmas turns from a holiday to an ideology –– if we merely purchase the correct products, engage in the correct “pro-social” and expected behaviors, listen to the correct songs, and engage in the discourses of “the holiday season,” we may too partake in the cult, as it were, of Christmas.

Recommended Reading: Beard hacks, finasteride hell, and 5 other things ‘trans masc’ folks might not know about.

Originally posted on Let's Queer Things Up!:
Every so often — especially in transitioning — I’ll have one of those “why didn’t someone tell me this sooner?” moments. Because we’re in the age of information, I think a lot of folks in the transgender community just assume we already have the information we need.…

dangerous discourses and trans visibility

Content Note: this post contains references to misogynistic, homophobic, biphobic, transphobic and especially transmisogynistic violence of all kinds, including murder, rape, and physical abuse on these bases. There is also discussion of sex and genitalia in this article, and the mention of misogynistic language. Proceed with caution. I’m going to talk about discursive violence andContinue reading “dangerous discourses and trans visibility”